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    1st year of the Lleida Area Integrated Fare System (31/03/2009)

    Today marks one year since the Integrated Fare System went into effect in Segrià – the ATM looks at the outcomes of this first year.

    As of 31st March 2009, 8,590 integrated fare cards had been sold in the Area of Lleida, with which a total of 616,280 journeys had been taken over the course of the year.

    The extensive recharging network of the Lleida ATM, with more than 200 sales and recharging points and two customer service centres, has made recharging the integrated fare cards easy – so much so that more than 26,000 such transactions were handled during the system's first year of operation.

    The T-10 card was the best selling fare option with 62% of total sales, followed by the T-10/30 with 26%, the T-Mes with 8% and the T-50/30 with 4%. Passengers used their Integrated Fare Cards most frequently on interurban services, which make up 42% of total card validations.

    Over the year, the system experienced a 6.63% increase in total use.

    1st year of the Lleida Area Integrated Fare System

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