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    New discount campaign with university ID card until 30th November 2009!!! (02/10/2009)

    Until 30th November, you can get a 10% discount on the all the different ATM transport fare options and recharge options available on your UL identity card. All you have to do is go to the SIAU (at al Campus de Cappont, c. Jaume II, 67 bis) or the ATM Customer Service Centre (Pl. Espanya, 1 baixos, enter on Av. Madrid) and pay with the debit chip on your ID card.


    The first time you charge your ID card to use it as a public transport fare card, you have to do it at the Servei d’Informació I Atenció Universitària (SIAU) of the UL or at the ATM Customer Service Centre.

    In order to enjoy the 10% discount, you have to have previously charged your card using the debit chip in your card. This recharge can be done at the recharging stations that you'll find in all the libraries on campus or, if you have a 4B card, at any 4B automatic teller by selecting the option “Operacions Moneder”. The card cannot, however, be charged at the SIAU. If you would like to pay for your transport fare option, before charging money on your debit chip, please make sure that your card includes MIFARE contactless chip technology.

    Please enquire at the SIAU to check whether your card is compatible with the system.

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