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    Free public transport fare cards in the shops (10/12/2009)

    The ATM and FECOM presented a campaign today to promote more sustainable mobility with commerce.

    Starting on Monday, 14th December, approximately 3,000 shops associated with the Provincial Commerce Federation of Lleida (FECOM) will be able to give their customers transport cards valid throughout the integrated ATM area with two journeys on each one to use on urban, interurban or FGC rail transport.

    This is a campaign driven by the Lleida ATM and FECOM by means of the agreement signed by the two entities in April 2009 for the purpose of fostering combined efforts to promote public transport to the shops. Up to 1,000 transport cards are expected to be handed out among the clients of the different shops in an effort to encourage the use of the public transport network.

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    Free public transport fare cards in the shops

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