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    New timetables on the Lleida-Ivars de Noguera line (08/02/2010)

    As of today, 8th February, regular bus service between Lleida and Ivars de Noguera will run on a new timetable. New services will be added and the timetables of some journeys will be changed. These actions form part of the Lleida Area Integrated Fare System and coincide with the incorporation of the new service concession to the company Miguel Gamón, S.L.

    Lleida - Ivars de Noguera

    The bus line that links Lleida to the municipalities farthest to the north of the capital, i.e. Torrefarrera, Rosselló, Alguaire, Almenar, Alfarràs and Ivars de Noguera, will add four new journeys.

    These new journeys will consist of two departures from Lleida on working days from Monday to Saturday at 8.45 and 16.50, another departure also from Lleida on weekdays (except holidays) at 16.00 and a departure from Alfarràs on Monday to Saturday mornings (except holidays) at 7.00.

    Furthermore, the measures slated to go into action today also include a change in the timetable of several runs. Starting today, departures from Alfarràs that had been running at 7.10, 8.00, 9.10, 9.30 and 16.15 will leave instead at 7.00, 7.55, 9.00, 9.40 and 15.50.

    Meanwhile, three journeys departing from Lleida will begin running on different timetables. These are the journeys which previously departed at 6.20, 8.40 and 13.00 and which will, as of today, run at 6.15, 8.45 and 12.00.

    See timetables in the attached pdf document.


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