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    Redirecting of traffic due to the opening of the new Prat de la Riba Bridge (08/02/2010)

    The Lleida City Council will open the new Prat de la Riba Bridge to traffic on 16th February. Because the prolongation of Prat de la Riba towards Pardinyes will represent a significant change for Lleida in terms of traffic flow, on top of covering road needs, the Council plans to reorganise traffic in that area. (See attached pdf showing all traffic modifications.)

    In accordance with the reorganisation, the routes and stops of several regular urban and interurban bus lines in the city of Lleida will be changed as follows:

    - Albesa - Lleida line (Autocars Gamón): stop at Alcalde Recasens 47 moved to Alcalde Recasens 61. Departure point for Balàfia > Comtes d'Urgell > Anselm Clavé > Rambla Ferran > Bus Station.

    - Torrelameu - Lleida line (Autocars Bullich): departure from the Bus Station > RENFE station > Príncep de Viana > Prat de la Riba bridge > Road from Lleida to Corbins.


    The route of the LP-Industrial Estates line will be modified as of 8th February.

    In order to maintain maximum service in existing areas, the stops at Plaça Europa 1 and Plaça del Treball for buses going in the direction of the industrial estates will take on a new route. The new stop will be at second Passeig Ronda (located at the second Cinturó de Ronda/Corts Catalanes).

    Nou pont Prat de la Riba (canvis circulació) (2 MB)

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