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    2nd year of the Lleida Area Integrated Fare System (31/03/2010)

    Today, 31st March 2010, marks the second year since the Lleida Area Integrated Fare System went into effect.

    The Integrated Fare System is a programme intended to foster the use of public transport, facilitate the use of various different modes of public transport, improve the efficiency of the service and make the system more economical for users.

    Nearly 25,000 people have taken advantage of the ATM card, with which they can travel throughout the participating Lleida Area with integrated transport fare options valid for use on the networks of urban buses, interurban coaches and the rail service of the Generalitat de Catalunya in the regions of Garrigues, La Noguera, Pla d’Urgell and Segrià using a single card.

    The geographic area of influence of the Integrated Fare System encompasses these four regions, is in effect in 108 municipalities and will be progressively extended to include the regions of Urgell and Segarra during 2010.

    2nd year of the Lleida Area Integrated Fare System

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