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    Change in location of the RENFE stop for interurban lines with the opening of the new Príncep de Viana Bridge (12/04/2010)

    Last Saturday, 10th April, the new Avinguda Príncep de Viana opened to traffic from the Plaça Ramon Berenguer IV to the LL-II road.

    Bus stops at the station can be found at the following locations:

    LONG-DISTANCE BUSES: The stop will be moved from its current location to the bus stop zone (see attached image) in Avinguda Príncep de Viana in front of the station (behind the taxi rank).

    INTERURBAN BUSES: Regular interurban lines will continue to stop at Príncep de Viana 4 and Rambla Ferran 55 until the planned bus stop in front of the taxi rank is completed.

    URBAN BUS: These bus stops will not be moved.

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