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    ATM Board of Directors (07/07/2010) (07/07/2010)

    The Board of Directors of the Lleida Area ATM, chaired by Manel Nadal, Secretary of Mobility of the Generalitat de Catalunya, met today in its second session of the year.

    In today’s meeting of the Board of Directors of the Lleida Area ATM, information was presented on the use of different types of transit services, which has increased by 5% in the last year, reaching a total of 9 million passenger trips. The ATM also evaluated different ongoing projects, such as the La Segarra Service Plan and the Mobility Plan for the Lleida Industrial Area, which are near completion. A new zoning plan has also been approved to incorporate La Segarra and L’Urgell counties in the integrated fare area.

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    ATM Board of Directors (07/07/2010)

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