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    3 years of fare integration in the Lleida Area (31/03/2011)

    Today, 31 March 2010, marks three years since the Integrated Fare System was implemented in the Lleida Area.

    On this day three years ago for the first time it became possible to take two busses without having to pay twice, or to use the same multi-journey fare card or ticket for modes of transport run by two different operators.

    The Integrated Fare System promotes the use of public transport and intermodality while improving service efficiency and user comfort and savings.

    Nearly 36,000 people have already benefitted from the system through the purchase of an ATM card which allows them to travel throughout the Lleida Area integrated transport zone using urban and interurban bus services as well as the rail line of the Generalitat of Catalonia in the counties of Segrià, Les Garrigues, La Noguera, Pla d’Urgell, Urgell and Segarra with a single ticket.

    The area covered by the Lleida Area ATM comprises these six counties with a total of 149 municipalities and 360,510 inhabitants.

    The results of these three years of operation of the Lleida Area integrated fare system, which went into effect on 31 March 2008 in Segrià and was expanded to include Les Garrigues, La Noguera and Pla d’Urgell in September 2009 and was completed in September 2010 with the addition of Urgell and Segarra are the following:
    - 9.1 million public transport journeys annually
    - 35,000 public transport passengers daily
    - 11.2% intermodality (the use of more than one mode of transport in a single journey)
    - 4.5% average annual increase in demand

    3 years of fare integration in the Lleida Area

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