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    • T-12 CardT-12 Card
      For boys and girls from 4 to 12 years old

    Apply for your T-MES card

    Personalised contactless smart cards by mail

    Personalised T-MES, cards can be obtained in person at the ATM Customer Service Centre1 without prior appointment or by sending an application by post to your town or city council. If you apply by post you must attach a copy of your ID and an ID-sized photo Download application form.

    The following is a list of the steps to be taken to obtain a personalised T-MES smart card by post:

    1. 1. Send the completed application form with a photocopy of the applicant’s ID and an ID-sized photo to your local town or city council.
    2. 2. The ATM will create the smart card at our customer service centre. The card will then be activated and sent directly to the applicant’s mailing address
    3. 3. In a few days, the applicant will receive the personalised card. It will be activated but it will not have a fare option charged on it.
    4. 4. In order to charge a fare option, the applicant can go to any participating point of sale, where they will have to pay for the card and the T-MES fare option.
    5. 5. Since the card is reusable, any additional recharging of the personalised card can be done by simply going to any participating point of sale and purchasing the desired fare optionr

    1. Customer Service Centres:
      - Pl. España, 1 (entrada av. Madrid), 25002 Lleida
      - Universidad de Lleida - Campus de Cappont, C. Jaume II, 67 bis, 25001 Lleida
    Pl. Espanya, 3 entresòl
    25002 Lleida
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