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What is the Lleida Area ATM?


The functions of the consortium – in all cases limited to the consortium’s area of operation – are as follows:

  • a) To create proposals for the planning of public transport services and to establish coordinated operational programmes for all public and private operators who provide such services.
  • b) To draft proposals for the planning of public transport infrastructure.
  • c) To draft, put into operation and evaluate transit development plans.
  • d) To produce reports on urban mobility plans, service plans and the evaluation studies of mobility generated in the region.
  • e) To establish a fare policy for the public transport systems in the consortium including defining the project for a new model of common fare system, implementing it, and monitoring its phases of development, if applicable.
  • f) To analyse and study the evolution of the global mobility market with a special focus on tracking trends in the use of public and private transport.
  • g) To design a financing policy to offset the lack of services and the operational expenses of the management structure.
  • h) To create a corporate image of the collective public transport system and of the consortium itself that demonstrates full respect for and compatibility with the users and operators.
  • i) To conduct publicity campaigns for the purpose of promoting the use of public transport systems among the population.
  • j) To foster a culture of sustainable mobility among the citizens of the region.
  • k) To draw up proposals to improve transport safety.
  • l) To draft proposals for the coordination of rail operators in relation to the integration of rail services in the collective public transport system.
  • m) To establish relationships with other administrative bodies to better perform the functions of the consortium in accordance with the Statutes.
  • n) To apply and finance measures for the rational use of private vehicles.
  • o) To draw up and finance proposals for the rational use of roads and public spaces in relation to aspects such as parking, pedestrian zones and the implementation of lanes reserved for public transport or cyclists.

The organisations that make up the consortium may also decide that the consortium should assume functions in other complementary matters, without affecting the functions stated above.

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