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    Change in timetable on the Lleida-La Pobla de Segur rail line of the Generalitat de Catalunya (31/03/2010)

    As of 3rd April 2010, the timetables on the Lleida-La Pobla de Segur rail line will be changed.

    Modifications to service on the Lleida-La Pobla de Segur line will go into effect on 3rd April. These modifications will consist of:

    1. The departure time of the Lleida-Pirineus train will change from 17.50 to 17.55.

    2. Service will be increased with the addition of an outgoing and an incoming train departing Lleida at 10.35 and La Pobla de Segur at 16.00 over a period of 45 days, from 03/04/10 to 31/10/10. All ATM integrated transport fare cards are valid for use on these new runs.

    C1110_nous horaris Lleida (231 kB)

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