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    The ATM presents the User Information Plan. (23/09/2010)

    Today, as part of Sustainable and Safe Mobility Week, the ATM presented an information plan which aims to improve user access to integrated fare services and schedules.

    The plan presented includes the implementation of information and schedule services for all municipalities in the integrated fare area including the city of Lleida, where information will be made available at urban service stops where interurban service is also available. The purpose of this action is to strengthen the effectiveness of the public transport network and to promote inter-modality.

    The presentation event, held at one of Lleida’s 42 inter-modal stops, was attended by Esteve Tomàs, Director of the Mobility Programme for the Catalan Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Works; Carme Garrofé, Director of the Lleida Territorial Service of Territorial Policy and Public Works, Sara Mestres, Councillor of Mobility and Public Roadways and Safety, and others.

    The plan includes different components for the provision of information which will be placed at public transport stops, such as transport schedules that include information and frequency of service for interurban lines at stops that coincide with urban services. Schedules have been created for every line and direction with a “thermometer” which shows the name of the stops in Lleida, the name of the line, the line operator, departure times and end-of-line arrival times, the website of the ATM, the free information phone number, proximity of stops with points of interest, i.e. symbols for train stations, airports, hospitals, etc.

    Signs will be installed at all 42 inter-modal stops in October, and at interurban stops in November.

    The ATM presents the User Information Plan.

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