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    Cycling against climate change in the Lleida Area. (27/09/2010)

    Yesterday, more than 2,200 cyclists took part in this year’s cycling event against climate change held in Lleida, reducing emissions by more than 3,000 kilos of CO2.

    This event is part of Sustainable and Safe Mobility Week (SMSS) organised by the Lleida City Council, the body sponsoring the SMSS. The purpose of the event is to raise general public awareness of the environmental impact of transport and to provide information on different modes of transport. Cyclists departed from and returned to Parc de la Mitjana, following a circuit of about 10 kilometres through the streets of the city.

    On that same Sunday, another cycling event against climate change was held in the municipality of Térmens. The event set off from the Monastery de Les Franqueses, and enjoyed the participation of 41 cyclists.

    Cycling against Climate Change is a Generalitat de Catalunya initiative now in its fourth year in which more than 100 municipalities take part.

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    Cycling against climate change in the Lleida Area.

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