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    Modification of service hours for Torres de Segre-Alcarràs. (01/10/2010)

    As of 4 October, the bus service scheduled to and from Torres de Segre and Alcarràs will be modified.

    As of this 4 October, bus service between Torres de Segre and Alcarràs will be changed in order to adapt the arrival and departure times of the Torres de Segre-Alcarràs line to the timetable of the Alcarràs secondary school.

    The new schedule will respond to the needs of Torres de Segra students studying at the Alcarràs IES and are as follows:

    - Departure from Torres at 8.45 a.m.
    - Departure from Alcarràs at 3.00 p.m.

    Please see timetable.

    Horaris L 401 Torres de S-Alcarràs (49 kB)

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