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Statement on the access of ELECTRIC SCOOTER and other VMP to public transport (31/10/2023)

The ATM Lleida following a criterion of prudence and in parallel with the instructions of the Generalitat and agreements of the ATM of Barcelona, recommended a temporary restriction of access of electric scooters or other personal mobility vehicles to public passenger transport services from 1 February 2023.

In order to determine the conditions of safe use and access to public transport services of this type of vehicle, a working group was created by the ATM of Barcelona made up of various agents involved in the transport system and in terms of security.

This working group, despite having considered and analyzed different measures to reduce the risks derived from the access of electric scooters and assessed whether the level of risk is tolerable in terms of user safety, has concluded that, for now, the minimum security guarantees are not given. It has also been determined that regulation of these vehicles is necessary to allow their presence on public transport with sufficient safety guarantees.

In view of the conclusions of this working group, the ATM Lleida following the principle of safety and protection of users in the use of services, recommends that public transport operators establish the access restriction as indefinite from scooters and other VMP to public passenger transport services.

Remember that the general conditions of use of public transport do not allow access to vehicles transporting items that may pose a danger or are potentially dangerous for users, staff working in the public transport service or that may cause damage to vehicles and facilities. With the current conditions and antecedents, the electric scooter cannot be ruled out in this category and the principle of preventive safety must prevail for operators to protect users and workers of public transport services.

In order to continue looking for a solution that allows multimodality with these vehicles and their access to public transport in safe conditions, the working group will remain operational and will consider any changes that may justify the modification of the indefinite restriction recommendation adopted.

Lleida October 30, 2023

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