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BusNit runs every Saturday night, all year long (holidays included) and connects the different municipalities of Segrià with Lleida and vice versa with two different lines, from eleven at night until six in the morning. BusNit also follows a semi-urban route through the interior of the city of Lleida and connects the city’s main nightlife areas.

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  • Line NL1 comes from Alcarràs, Torres de Segre, Soses, Aitona, Seròs, Massalcoreig and Granja d’Escarp; goes up by way of Ronda, and stops at Ronda – Unió (connection with The Hill) and continues to Rovira Roure, where it turns right and stops in front of Sanitat (connection with the Ricard Viñes area). This line is operated by Marfina Bus-Moventis.
  • Line NL2 comes from Alfarràs, Almenar, Alguaire, Rosselló and Torrefarrera, and stops at Mercat Balàfia (connection with the pub Legend) and continues to Rovira Roure, where it turns left and stops at Ricard Viñes (connection with the Ricard Viñes area) and goes down Prat de la Riba, stopping at Ambulatori (connection with the discotheque La Boite) and then goes down Príncep de Viana with a stop in front of Renfe to carry on to Pont Vell – Cappont and La Bordeta, with stops at Camps Elisis (connection with the discotheque River), Blocs La Caixa (connection with the pub Nuba and the discotheque La Nuit) and Mercat Bordeta. This line is operated by Autocars Gamón.

All tickets for all journeys are €1.75.

For further information, please contact us at: 900 10 68 48

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